Friday, December 2, 2022

Nominate a Conservation Champion!

The Kansas Conservation Champion Award is presented annually at the KNRC. Anyone, regardless of career stage, advancing the goals of the KNRC organizations and natural resources in Kansas is eligible.

The Kansas Conservation Champion Award originated at the 2015 Kansas Natural Resource Conference (KNRC) to honor exemplary service and perseverance dedicated to advancing the field of conservation in the state of Kansas. The inaugural award was presented posthumously to the family of Lance Hedges. Lance’s example of long-term, dedicated service to Kansas conservation efforts exemplifies the spirit of this award.

Nominees should display outstanding dedication, innovation, and leadership central to the conservation, protection, enhancement, appreciation, and stewardship of Kansas’ natural heritage and resources. The award is for efforts within the state of Kansas.

Nominations due:
December 19, 2022

To nominate an individual please provide:

1.) a narrative summary of the nominee’s activities and accomplishments for which the individual is being nominated
2.) any letters of support
3.) send the award submission form 


2016: Stan Roth
2017: Dr. Jim Triplett
2018: John Strickler
2019: Joseph Kramer
2020: Dr. Jerry deNoyelles
2021: Ken Brunson
2022: Robert Atchison