Past Meetings

A conference program for past years is available for download and includes information about the plenary session speakers, schedule and complete list of paper and poster presentations.

2019 - Celebrating Conservation Past and Present
2018 - Conservation Delivery in Changing Times
2017 - Rivers and Streams, Reflections of Landscape Management
2016 - Conversations on Conservation: Engaging Landowners Through Effective Communication
2015 - Partnerships in Conservation: Bridging the Gap Between Science & Politics
2014 - Forty Years of the Endangered Species Act: Living with Endangered Species in Kansas
2013 - Under Attack: Invasive Species in Kansas
2012 - Wetlands: The Jewels of Kansas
2011 - Through the Haze: The Role of Fire on the Prairie
2010 - Kansas Waters - Signs of Prosperity and Health
2009 - Renewable Energy - Renewable Resources
2008 - Where Do Trees Belong in Kansas? The Role of Trees on the Kansas Landscape